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For most of the people heading towards Goa, it is one long beach. But once they are there they realize this folly of them. Goa is a state though a small one and there are a large number of beaches, many towns and a good network of roads. It is a state of seven rivers and their estuaries, there are hills with lush green vegetation, and most of the tourists are needed to cover large distances to move from one place to other. Goa has a total coastline of 125 km and that makes people believe that it is a long big beach however illusionary it is.

Beaches of Goa are much ahead of other beaches in India in terms of popularity and the facilities that are available here. The beaches here have been accepted as a matter of life, there are exotic cuisine backing the pleasure of have on sun and sand, and water sports facilities that include from water scooters to water gliding. To add on you can shake your legs for some time with a glass of feni and beer, engaged in shopping on the beachside, or have midnight bonfire on the beach.


There are some more aspects of Goa beaches that attract tourists every year. Whatsoever times you have visited these beaches they tend to change their look and get new designs every new season. These beaches refurbish themselves every new season and enhance the excitement of visitors who are never tired of appreciating Goa. Out of 125 km of coastline the beaches of Goa cover not less than 83 km and there is one for you also waiting to be explored. Go and find it!

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Goa Beaches

A Holiday on The Sands of Goa
Blessed with 105 km of golden coastline, Goa provides an excellent range of beaches to suit everybody’s needs. Some beaches are unspoilt pristine stretches of sand, ideal for the solitude seeker, while others pulsate with crowds basking in the brilliant sunshine. This unique mixture of sun, sea and the fun, coupled with the essence of local culture gives each Goan beach a distinct identity.

Surfing on The Moods of Waves
The emerald waters of Goan Beaches offer a lot of hot-blooded water sport opportunities including snorkelling, kayaking, water-skiing, sailing, wind-surfing and fishing. Contact the numerous water-sport operators nestling on the road beside the coastline for a adrenaline-rich holiday.

Stay As You Like
Besides enticing world tourists with lots of fun, the Goan beaches also provide unique staying opportunities at par with every pocket and budget. Nestled in small villages and bordered by lush green paddy fields, are deluxe hotels and resorts with ultra-modern comforts jostling for space with the tiny beach shacks under swaying palm trees that create a charm of their own.

Its Always Party Time
Goa’s beaches are justly famous all around the world, for they are alive with activity all around the day and well into the night, swinging to the rhythm of Goan trance that augments with every bottle of feni, dictated by the sea and nature’s bounty.

Spot A Crocodile
Contact your tour operator and register yourself for an exhilarating dolphin and crocodile spotting trip on the Mandovi and Zuari rivers. Carry your handycam along with yourself to capture crocodiles lying leisurely on the swamps, or if lucky, you can even spot a dolphin!

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